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HC Actor

Luke Roberts

Plays Joseph Byrne

DATE OF BIRTH : 5th October 1977


HEIGHT : 6ft

TRAINED : Lamda Post Graduate 2000, University of Wales – BA American Studies.

PARTNER : Actress Freema Agyeman

TV LIKES : ‘X Factor because I get hooked on it. It’s frighteningly compulsive viewing. I don’t want to see people go through the audition process because I know how gruelling and difficult it is.’

PREVIOUS HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : Luke played Daniel, Dominic Fryor’s son in S7 E30. [More info]

ON FIRST DAY AT HOLBY : ‘It was a filmed rehearsal in front of all the producers of a script I’d only recently received. We were constantly reassured it wasn’t a test, but of course you can’t ever get it out of your mind. Tom and I were bricking ourselves, but it was a good first hurdle.’

ON CHARACTER JOSEPH : ‘Joseph’s very stuck in his ways, in so far as he’s rather bookish, very straght-laced and incredibly meticulous to the point that it develops into a disorder. It’s really fun to play.’

ON LEARNING MEDICAL TERMS : ‘The trick is to say it with confidence and people will buy it! At the beginning I tended to look up all the diagnosis I was giving, but after a while you realise you’d need years and years of training to fully comprehend exactly what you were saying.’

ON CROSSROADS ROLE : ‘I was in Crossroads for six months and I loved doing it. I was in the final incarnation with Jane Asher. I played her wayward playboy son – for me it was a lot of gambling and Jacuzzis. It was so exciting to do, because it was my first long-runner. I had a great character and I got to work with some really nice people.’

TELEVISION CREDITS : Band of Brothers; My Hero; Family Affairs; Crossroads; Mile High; Uncle Dave; Holby City; Law and Order UK

FILM CREDITS : Two Shot; Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

THEATRE CREDITS : Twelfth Night; Anna Christie; Love and Understanding; Oleanna; Desperate Remedies

AGENT : United Agents, 12-26 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LE.

Gallery : Luke Roberts shop > Luke Roberts


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