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HC Character

Maddy Young

Played by Nadine Lewington


S9 E15 ‘Face Value’ – S11 E32 ‘Just A Perfect Day’

Job Title

Senior House Officer

First Words

(Maddy is playing in the outside grounds with Dan’s golf clubs)

Dan : Can I help you?

Maddy : Yeah, tell me where’s the little castle with the twisty ramp?


Maddy is an enthusiastic member of the team however her outspoken nature sometimes causes friction with others and causes her to act without thinking. She is fun loving and eager to learn.

When we are first introduced to her in S9 E15, we are aware that she is already familiar with Consultant Dan. In S9 E17, Donna finds a fiver on the floor. Her, Maddy and Dean make a deal to buy some scratchcards in a syndicate together to increase their chances, but when Donna discovers her ticket has won the £20,000 jackpot, it looks as if she’s got no intention of sharing her winnings. In S9 E21, Faye and Sam are at the bar together, where he confides his troubles. Sam attempts to take things further with Faye but she rebuffs him. Later Maddy enters and the pair get hideously drunk together and end up kissing. In S9 E22, following spending the night with Sam, Maddy rocks up to work with a heavy hangover. Lola gives her a hard time and she smells alcohol on her breath. Lola insists she gets no special treatment because she’s a friend of Dan’s. Maddy sets out to prove that she is the best woman for the job. In S9 E23, Maddy gets a surprise when her dad, Simon, pays her a visit. He later collapses in the staffroom from a neck laceration and needs emergency surgery. Dan and Maddy discover he’s an escaped con and she urges him not to call the police, claiming he owes her a favour. As the police arrive; Steve has disappeared. In S9 E41, Elliot is called to identify a body which could be his son’s. He asks Maddy to cancel a seminar he is due to attend, and she decides to go to the course in his place. However caught out by Jayne, Maddy faces disciplinary proceedings. In S9 E46, Maddy’s sister, Hannah, who is a drug addict, is admitted to Holby. Jac helps Maddy treat her but is furious after finding out they are related. In S9 E47, Hannah arrives at Holby with her six-year-old daughter Sunny. Maddy is horried to learn that Sunny has overdosed on methadone – and Hannah wants Maddy to cover up for her. Maddy lies to get Sunny admitted and steals drugs to treat her. But when Sunny dies, worried she’d be struck off and Hannah would be sent to prison, Maddy talks her sister through the story they would have to tell the coroner. In S9 E48, Sam and Maddy drown their sorrows together and end up back at her place. In S9 E52, Maddy is petrified when CID want to talk to her about Sunny’s death. Dan reassures her and tries to charm the interviewing DC. However, she is more shrewd than he thought. Dan is supportive but harsh and warns her not to waste her career. The DC wants Ric to corroborate Maddy’s story and she’s forced to tell Ric the truth, but he won’t help. Dan blackmailed Ric into lying for Maddy by threatening to tell Jayne about his and Abra’s night ops. A relieved Maddy kisses Dan on the cheek but then went in for a proper one.

In S10 E1, tension grows between Louise and Maddy as they vie for Dan’s affections. In S10 E2, Dan is offered a job in Strasbourg, which he would have to start the next day. Following his admission to his brother about his affair with Louise, Maddy realises he doesn’t love her and heartbreakingly says her goodbyes. In S10 E3, Maddy is furious when she is left holding baby Grace while Sam goes off with an agency nurse. In S10 E5, Sam receives an SDI clinic card and Maddy pretends she has Chlamydia. Maddy eventually tells him the truth but notices Sam’s results show a high lymphocyte count and makes him have it checked out. In S10 E7, Maddy supports Sam through his cancer diagnosis. In S10 E15, impressed by Linden, Maddy asks him to join her for a drink but he turned her down in favour of his paperwork. In S10 E25, Maddy receives a phone-call from Dan, who says that he’s back in town and wants to meet her for a drink later that day as he has something to tell her. Shocked by Dan’s call, Maddy struggles to concentrate on the ward, causing her to make a mistake in theatre. Dan cancels their meeting last minute leaving Maddy shattered. In S10 E27, Maddy confides in Linden that she’s upset that Dan has left for good. Maddy is surprised when an unusually sympathetic Linden sends her on leave. In S10 E41, Maddy learns that there isn’t due to be an autopsy for Liam Harris and realises that Jamie was in theatre with Linden and wonders if he was responsible for Liam’s death. During an operation, Maddy notices Jamie isn’t paying attention and sets out to clear Linden’s name by taking a sample of blood from Liam. In S10 E42, Maddy is still searching for the truth behind Liam Harris’s death. She tries to concoct a plan to prove Linden’s innocence, and enlists the support of Sam in attempting to clear his name. In S10 E43, doctor Carl Webster – aka ‘the patient from hell’ – visits Holby for treatment for a serious lung disease. Maddy tells Carl that she took his medical lessons five years before and he suggests that she assists Ric during his operation. Complications occur when Carl’s lungs start to bleed but Maddy acts quickly and stops the bleed in front on an impressed Ric – and an even more impressed Carl. Maddy also discovers the real reason Liam Harris died. She goes to see Jayne with the results but Jayne wants to know how she came to find them. In S10 E51, Maddy encourages Kyla to take a chance on patient Dorian, as she has to move on with her life. As Kyla agrees to a date with Dorian, Maddy intercepts another letter from Abra.

In S11 E1, Kyla learns that Maddy has been hiding letters from Abra but realises she had good intentions. In S11 E6, Maddy is out to impress after she’s turned down for the job on Keller Ward. She pushes herself to the limit of her abilities, when three children are brought in following a road accident. In S11 E15, med student Tom sleeps with Saskia in the Holby creche. Maddy sees them leave. Security has an overnight tape of the incident so Maddy helps him steal the tape. In S11 E23, Ric introduces random alcohol testing on staff at Holby. A hungover Maddy is called up and Tom advises her on how to throw the test.

Memorable Moments


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