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Notable Guest Stars

We take a look at ten of the most high profile guests to have appeared on CASUALTY so far.

CASUALTY is well noted for the famous actors that have stepped through the A&E doors over the years. The new series already has some top names lined up for guest appearances including Pauline Quirke, Holly Aird, Charlie Brooks and DJ Scott Mills.

We take a look at ten of the most high profile guests to have appeared on the medical drama over the last 20 years…

Kate Winslet

 Kate was a teenager when she  appeared in CASUALTY’s 7th series  before becoming a popular film  actress, having starred in numerous  films including Titanic, Enigma and  Sense & Sensibility. In a  controversial episode entitled ‘Family  Matters’, Kate played Suzanne – the girlfriend of a teenager, Martin, found to be abusing his younger sister. When they first arrive in the department, it is Martin’s father, who is at first suspected. ‘In England, it almost seems to be part of a jobbing actor’s training. As far as I was concerned it was a great episode, a great part,’ said Kate of her role, adding, ‘Appearing in CASUALTY taught me a big lesson in how to be natural in front of the camera.’

Minnie Driver

Oscar-nominated Minnie Driver appeared in a 1991 episode of CASUALTY. She played patient Zena Mitchell, who is HIV and comes into the department with a bleeding forehead. Her boyfriend discovers she is HIV when he steals her notes and is furious that she didn’t tell him, smashing up the Interview Room and assaulting porter Jimmy.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando’s first credited role in CASUALTY was in 1996 as disturbed builder Noel who comes into the hospital after self-harming. Now noted for his roles in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, he was recently seen in the second series of BBC comedy ‘Extras’.

Norman Wisdom

Norman was already a well established star of screen and stage when he appeared in CASUALTY in Series 13 episode ‘She Loved the Rain’. The actor played the moving role of an elderly man, Mr Cole, whose wife had just died. He takes her dead body out into the hospital grounds on a hospital trolley.

Christopher Eccleston

Dr Who actor Christopher Eccleston showed his versatility as an actor when he appeared in CASUALTY as an HIV patient. The Series 5 episode finale shown in 1990, saw staff think him to be a ‘hopper’ but SHO Beth thinks otherwise and tries to advise him when she finds him hiding in the women toilets.

Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone is fast becoming a leading actor of TV and film having appeared in films such as Scum, Quadrophenia and King Arthur. He played another tough character when he played prisoner Terry Bennett in a Series 9 episode of the medical drama. Following a prison disturbance, Terry takes the opportunity to visit his wife, however learns she has been having an affair. Terry returns to the hospital with a stab wound to his chest.

Helen Baxendale

Helen appeared in the popular comedy drama Cold Feet and found worldwide fame when she played Ross’ wife Emily in Friends. One of her first TV appearance was back in Series 8 of CASUALTY, where she plays Emma, a member of a religious cult. She is brought into the hospital when she falls from a car, when her family try to get her to escape from the cult. They are desperate for their daughter to see sense from the controlling world of the cult, but her leader is strong-willed.

Kathy Burke

Kathy is a critically acclaimed actress though she is most fondly remembered for her comic roles in Harry Enfield and Gimme Gimme Gimme. She made a guest appearance in Series 6 as Lorraine McCullier, whose mentally ill father is injured after spilling hit fat over his back. Long suffering Lorraine breaks the news to her father that she is getting married.

Marina Sirtis

Marina is famed for her role as Deanna Troi in Star Trek and after this cult role she appeared in a Series 15 special episode which involved an explosion at a hotel. Marina plays MP Jane Taylor who is having an affair with Mark. Confiding in Charlie, she decides to risk her career and marriage to be with Mark.

Kenny Baker

Star Wars (R2-D2) actor Kenny Baker appears in a Series 7 of CASUALTY. He plays Archie, a knife throwing dwarf at the circus is in A&E after hitting his eye with a mallet. SHO Rob takes out a splinter from his cornea, but also discovers his other eye is suffering from glaucoma, which will end up with him being short sighted.

Other names that have appeared include… Gillian Taylforth, Les Dennis, Parminder Nagra, Anita Dobson, Rene Zagger, Tracy Shaw, Patsy Kensit, Alfred Molina, Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Benjamin, McFly…

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