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Cas Actor

Orlando Seale

Plays Merlin Jameson

BORN : 1973

HEIGHT : 5ft 9

FAMILY : His father owned an art gallery in London

STUDIED : St Peters College, Oxford

TRAINED : Ecole Philippe Gaulier, London and Conservatoire of Dramatic Art, Paris.

SKILLS : Fluent in French, singing, dancing, riding, fencing, clowning and improvision.

ON HIS CHARACTER MERLIN : ‘Merlin’s a good guy, very humble and ready to learn. During my first appearance I hit it off with nurse Anna Paul. Let’s just say that a relationship is definitely brewing there.’

TV CREDITS : Headless; In Your Dreams; Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story; The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells; West Wing; Casualty; Monk; Everything You Want

FILM CREDITS : Sleepy Hollow; Untitled: 003-Embryo; Pride and Prejudice; Hamlet; Taking Your Life; Caffeine; Ripple Efefct; Crashing; Bobby

THEATRE CREDITS : Uncle Vanya; The Spanish Tragedy; Richard III; Henry VIII; Wuthering Heights; Eurydice; A Servant and Two Masters

MUSIC CAREER : Orlando is currently recording as a musician on vocals and guitar with Pete Blythe and Martin Radford.

* He has also written and directed his own play ‘Of Beasts and Fowls’

AGENT : Scott Marshall Management, 2nd Floor, 15 Little Portland Street, London W1W 8BW.


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