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Cas Actor

Paul Barber


APPEARANCE : S6 E5 ‘Joy Ride’

CHARACTER : Cliff Sidwell

STORYLINE : Workaholic Cliff, is found by his brother, Brian, in the warehouse, after hot plastic has spilt in his eyes. He is nearly blinded, and Brian is angry that instead of worrying Cliff, it has just given him more work ideas.

APPEARANCE : S8 E2 ‘Riders on the Storm’


STORYLINE : Mungo is a mentally disturbed tramp who hangs around the department in this episode

APPEARANCE : S12 E19 ‘Loco Parentis’

CHARACTER : Carl Myers


APPEARANCE : S23 E8 ‘The Evil That Men Do’

CHARACTER : Taylor Blair


APPEARANCE : S26 E1 ‘Partner

CHARACTER : William Paynter



APPEARANCE : S4 E25 ‘Gamblers’

CHARACTER : Sean Meacher


ACTOR FAMED FOR : Denzil in Only Fools and Horses; Horse in The Full Monty

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