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Cas Actor

Robert Daws

Plays Simon Eastman

DATE OF BIRTH : May 1959

LIVES : Ampthill, Bedfordshire

BROUGHT UP : His first home was a chalet in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

FAMILY : One younger brother, Michael and two younger sisters, Katie and Jo.

WIFE : Ex-CASUALTY actress Amy Robbins. Married in February 2003.

PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIPS : Twice divorced. Once to actress, Amanda Waring.

CHILDREN : Daughters, Elizabeth Kate (b.2003) and May (b.2005) with Amy Robbins. One son, Benjamin, (b.2000) with Amanda Waring. ‘Ben is an absolute joy. He spends a lot of time laughing. Fatherhood is great. I’d recommend it to anyone, although you do spend the first few months being soppy and proud and boring all your friends… actually I probably won’t ever stop doing that’

TRAINED : Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

PREVIOUS JOBS : Playing the back end of a camel in Aladdin at Westcliffe Palace Theatre, ‘My first week’s wages were £17.50. I was so excited I looked at the money in its brown envelope for a week.’

LIKES : Alternative medecines. He is also a pratcising healer, and has powers, claiming to have helped his grandfather with emphysema, ‘he lived for many years longer than he should have done, whether you put that down to healing or sheer bloody mindedness, I don’t know.’

ON CHARACTER SIMON : ‘Simon is utterly charming, utterly devious and not to be trusted an inch.’

ON FANS : ‘I’ve been almost physically assaulted by some fans who see me as a modern day Prince of Darkness. I received a huge amount of male from NHS people who were grateful I had helped show the dilemma hospitals face today.’

FIRST RECORD BOUGHT : ‘It was December 1970 and T-Rex’s Ride A White Swan, I shut myself in the sitting room, barricaded the door and played it over and over again. I dreamt of being a DJ. Noel Edmonds was my idol. I practiced doing all the DJing bits into a cassette recorder!’

FIRST THING DOES IN MORNING : ‘I wander down to my local cafe for a coffee. I’ll sit there, read the paper and earwig conversations. As an actor I love people-watching.’

LATER CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Robert plays Hugh Blakeley in S26 E24 ‘Grand Canyon’ [See More]

TELEVISION CREDITS : There Comes a Time; John and Yoko – A Love Story; The Great Escape II – The Untold Story; The Modern World – The Ten Great Writers; The House of Elliot; Robin of Sherwood; Jeeves and Wooster; Paul Merton, The Series; Lovejoy; London’s Burning; Birds of a Feather; A Bit of Fry and Laurie; Heartbeat; Casualty; Outside Edge; Roger Roger; The Missing Postman; The Mystery of Men; Take a Girl Like You; Office Gossip; Coronation Street; The Slammer; Rock & Chips; The Royal; Midsomer Murders; New Tricks; Doc Martin

FILM CREDITS : Arthur’s Dyke; Land of the Blind; According to Colin; The Great Escape

RADIO CREDITS : Voices off Stage

COMMERCIAL : Ovaltine; Kenco; Cravendale Milk

BOOKS : Appears in ‘CASUALTY : The Inside Story’ by Hilary Kingsley.

AGENT : I.C.M. Ltd, Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street, London, W1N 0AX.


* Robert was born with two club feet – his feet were born completely the wrong way round. He had to have numerous operations on his bones and spent the first five years of his life in Rochford Hospital, Essex.

Twitter : @RobertDaws


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