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Cas Character

Roxanne Bird

Played by Loo Brealey


S16 E32 – S19 E3

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Excuse me where can I find Mr Fairhead?


Dizzy and newly experienced Student Nurse Roxanne Bird is thrown in straight at the deep end when she join the team in the middle of a crisis.

She makes her debut in S16 E32, as the Norwalk virus spreads the department and causes chaos. Laid down with all her belongings after being chucked out of home, because of an argument with her mother. She already gets herself in trouble with Colette for wearing false red nails. Roxy first helps treat elderly cancer patient, Will Coogan, who comes in with his nurse wife, Lily. They are unable to get him a bed and he is moved from ward to ward, as they wait for their son, Matt, to arrive. When he does, Lily goes to meet him, as she does Roxy discovers Will has died alone. Charlie decides to pretend he is still alive, but slipping away, so that the family can say their last goodbyes – however an angry Lily later tells Roxy that because she was a nurse, she already knew he was dead. Next episode, Nikki acts jealously towards Roxy when she is seen talking to Jack, and is not happy at first when she discovers that Anna has asked her to move in with them. Roxy also causes trouble when she gives a patient brufen for his leg pain, on Simon’s instruction, but then goes into shock due to an allergic reaction. In S16 E34, Roxy moves in with Nikki and Anna, they are disgruntled by her boyfriend, Hakkan, also staying the night. In S16 E36, Nikki accuses Roxy’s boyfriend of theft when she finds money missing from her purse. Roxy also treats a traveller and her three young children, who have a list of ailments and borrows Jack’s razor to cut their hair. By S16 E37, Anna and Nikki are becoming increasingly annoyed about Roxy’s boyfriend, Hak. While they are at work, Hak is stealing all of their belongings from the flat. However, he is injured when the fridge falls on to him. Comfort and a shocked Nikki arrive to collect him. Anna tells Roxy the news, and plan to give him an ear bashing – but he has fled the cubicle before they get a chance. In S16 E38, Roxy arranges a drink to celebrate Simon getting the Medical Registrar post. Simon then asks Roxy to be his guest at Stuart’s wedding. In S16 E39, Roxy, preparing to be Simon’s guest at his brother’s wedding, is shocked when her mother turns up in the department with her baby, Nicole. She tells Roxy that she has to face up to her responsibilities as a mother and hands over Nicole. Determined to go to the wedding, Roxy, failing to get a babysitter, hides Nicole in the porters lodge. However, Spencer finds the baby and Dillon confronts her. Roxy is then forced to admit the truth and the team are surprised.

In S17 E1, Roxy is being kept awake by baby Nicole – as are her flat mates, Anna and Nikki, who are unhappy with the situation. Charlie is annoyed when she leaves after her shift, refusing to help with the helicopter emergency. In S17 E2, Roxy continues to have babysitting problems, and Jack ends up doing a stint, but calls Anna at work when Nicole needs her nappy changed. In S17 E5, Roxy finding motherhood difficult, leaves Nicole to cry while she slips outside for a break. Jack arrives at the house and discovers Nicole crying. Roxy thanks him for helping. Things reach breaking point in S17 E6 when, after her Mum refuses to help and she is banned from the local crèche, she dumps Nicole in a shop changing room. Next episode, Roxy wakes up to the realisation of what she has done – leaving Nicole in a shop overnight. After getting Anna to call in sick for her, in a state she phones the Samaritans – Dillon picks up on the other end. Roxy tells him everything and when she says she’s a nurse, Dillon realises who she is and admits he is a nurse too. Panicked Roxy slams the phone down and rushes back to the shop changing room and finds Nicole is still there. However once back home, Nicole has a fit and Roxy is forced to take her into A&E. Harry diagnoses Nicole with an ear infection and dehydration. Dillon tries to talk Roxy into seeking help. Charlie finds out what has happened and is forced to put her on suspension while they reconsider her position in the department. In S17 E8, Roxy arrives to discuss her work options, but is not happy with Dillon’s interference. She is glad to return in S17 E9, and Harry is impressed as she deals well with a young baby who has been scalded. Later, is shocked when Mark Christie – Nicole’s father – arrives in A& to visit a patient, Molly, who is suspected of having had an overdose. She is eventually diagnosed with suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. When she wakes up, Roxy talks to Molly who reveals how she ended a relationship with Mark and his only concern was that Molly had threatened to tell his wife about his affair. Molly discharges herself to go and see his wife, leaving an unknown Mark waiting in reception for her. In S17 E10, Roxy sees Duffy and Ryan kissing and spreads the news round the department. She also manages to stop a confused old lady from falling off the hospital roof, by luring her down with the help of a dog. In S17 E16, Roxy gets involved with a young male patient who has an inoperable brain tumour. In S17 E19, Roxy realises she has feelings for Dillon when she sees him treat a patient. Later in the series, she discovers Dillon also fancies her and on shift they end up kissing. But when he turns up at the club she is working with other staff members, she feels ridiculed and dumps him. In S17 E40, Dillon is involved in a shooting and arrives in A&E in a critical condition. Roxy is in tears and confesses she still loves him.

In S18 E3, Roxy is upset to hear about Anna’s tragic injuries from a train crash. She is forced to face her fears and say goodbye to Anna at her bedside before she dies. Roxy is later attacked by a patient she has befriended and when he starts to strangle her, she shouts out that she’s pregnant. In S18 E7, Roxy lets slip to Bex that she really is pregnant. In S18 E9, Roxy arrives at work in a brand-new car, saying she won it in a competition. Word spreads of her good fortune and she admits she actually bought it herself. In S18 E10, Bex sees Roxy rushing around and accidentally blurts out that she should be careful “in her condition”. Unfortunately, Tess overhears and guesses she is pregnant. Roxy is furious with Bex and the pair argue. In the heat of the moment, Bex tactlessly tells Luke the news too. In S18 E11, Roxy is forced to confess she is a surrogate mother when the father is admitted and everyone is aghast. After threatening to have an abortion, she decides she does not care what others think and will keep the child. In S18 E14, Roxy helps an injured robber and his girlfriend because she agrees with their principles, but when they offer her some of the money, she refuses to be bribed and shops them to the police. In S18 E16, Roxy’s baby kicks for the first time. In S18 E24, Claire accidentally tells Roxy about Nikki’s predicament. Nikki faces a difficult decision and decides to go ahead with a termination. She wants the girls to support her wholeheartedly and they agree. In S18 E26, Roxy is concerned that Jim should know about his unborn child before it is too late and takes it upon herself to tell him that Nikki is pregnant. In S18 E28, Nikki is furious when Jim tells her she’s just running from one problem to another. She accuses Roxy of destroying Jim’s life by telling him about the baby. And, feeling stalked by her child’s surrogate parents, who are demanding she give up work, Roxy is defiant, arguing that it is a matter of principle and that she will remain independent. In S18 E29, Nikki is resolute that she wants nothing to do with Roxy and prepares to move out of the flat. Nikki’s determination becomes redundant when Roxy goes into early labour. Roxy has been overdoing it at work and all grievances are forgotten when Nikki has to deliver Roxy’s baby in the back of her car. Roxy battles not to get attached to the baby boy but worries when he is not breathing properly. In S18 E30, Roxy’s baby is in hospital following his premature birth. The surrogate parents are alarmed when the baby has seizures and it is discovered that he has suffered a haemorrhage and may be disabled and epileptic. The surrogate parents blame Roxy, who feels responsible. The couple decide they do not want a disabled baby and leave him with Roxy, who is secretly glad. In S18 E31, Roxy is spending all her time at the hospital with baby William. Claire and Nikki are supportive, but looking after Nicole while Roxy is at the hospital is proving a strain. Roxy still cannot believe the surrogate parents’ attitude and lack of contact, but is adamant that she will provide for William. In S18 E32, Roxy says a final goodbye to her baby as the surrogate parents admit they want him, even with his disabilities. In S18 E33, Roxy is taken hostage by one of the prisoners. Her colleagues are able to rescue her. In S18 E34, Roxy is given a scare when Julie leaves her a message at reception. Fearing the worst, she rushes to see William, only to discover that he has come off the ventilator. Roxy is not in a forgiving mood and tells Julie not to call her again.

In S19 E2, Roxy is deeply affected by the case of two missing children and realises she needs to spend more time with her daughter, Nicole, so she decides to quit her job. On Roxy’s last day in S19 E3, she tells everyone that she has decided to go and work with children, leaving Holby for good. One of her last patient’s is Jocelyn, a woman who poisons a man who keeps burgling her house and drinking her milk.

Memorable Moments

  • S16 E32 – Roxy joins the team in the middle of a crisis.
  • S16 E39 – The team are shocked to discover that Roxy is a mother.
  • S17 E7 – Roxy calls the Samaritans after dumping Nicole in a shop overnight.
  • S17 E16 – Roxy becomes involved with a patient with a incurable brain tumour.
  • S18 E11 – The staff learn of Roxy’s surrogacy plans.
  • S18 E29 – Roxy gives birth early.
  • S18 E33 – Roxy is taken hostage by a prisoner.
  • S19 E2 – Roxy decides to quit after a horrific case.

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