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HC Past Series

S10 E19

S10 E19 (19 Feb 08) : Complications Ensue by Peter Lloyd

Episode Summary

Joseph returns to Darwin following his brother’s death and is shocked to find Jac on trial as Sam’s replacement. Neither Joseph nor Connie wants her there and, when Philip Lawlor arrives looking for a new registrar, Connie plans to showcase Jac for the position. Joseph unintentionally ruins her plan and Connie is forced to appoint Jac as the new CT surgeon on Darwin.

Sam, meanwhile, is still struggling with his chemotherapy treatment and Ric is furious when he takes on more than he can cope with.

Chrissie returns to Holby to get her dressing changed and when Kyla attends to this, Chrissie is outraged when she smells alcohol on her breath. Mark helps Kyla and they decide she is not coping and should go down a level at work.

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Screencaps : S10 E19

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