S10 E34

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Outside Holby, Ric and Abra rush to the aid of a boy, Cassidy Walbeck, who’s been stabbed. Cassidy needs an urgent operation, and Abra is proving useful in keeping him calm. Ric asks Abra to look on during surgery, and when complications arise, Abra jumps in and saves Cassidy. Reluctantly, Jayne Grayson agrees to give Abra a job.

Maria continues to treat her birth mother, Alex Deacon, but doesn’t reveal who she is. Alex needs a life-saving hysterectomy but is against it as she’s desperate to have a baby. This upsets Maria, who can’t understand how someone who wants a child so badly gave her up at birth, and she decides not to tell Alex who she really is.

Kyla treats a young boy Daren, whose mother seems uninterested in her son’s welfare. Daren reveals he’s fostered and Kyla suspects his mum is an alcoholic. Kyla is shocked when Daren’s foster brother arrives – it’s Max! After some harsh words with his mum, Max leaves, clearly in pain. Later, Kyla and Michael find diabetic Max having a fit.

Also, Lady Byrne and Elliot are caught in a compromising situation by Connie.

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