S11 E23

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S11E23S11 E23 (24 Mar 09) : Breathe Deeply by Joe Ainsworth

Episode Summary

Ric introduces random alcohol testing on staff at Holby. Steve Hewitt’s wife arrives with a lawyer who is investigating his death. She declares that her husband died as a direct result of Ric’s zero tolerance campaign and that his research figures were faked.

Michael tries to cover up Annalese’s mistake in theatre while she tests positive for alcohol consumption. Ric tries to keep everything under wraps.

Faye wants to speak to Joseph but is thwarted by Jac at every turn. Faye forgives Joseph.

Notable Facts

* ‘Tumble and Fall’ by Feeder plays at the beginning of the episode.

* ‘Just the Way I’m Feeling’ by Feeder plays at the end of the episode.

* After seeing some of Ben’s photos, Elliot tells Connie his concerns; ‘I think Martha has married a peeping Tom!’

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