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HC Past Series

S11 E49

S11 E49 (22 Sep 09) : Spin by Al Smith

Episode Summary

Michael is undermined by Connie and wants to assert his position as director of surgery. Ultimately, though, he is trumped by Connie as she delivers an amazing presentation and is given the green light for her robotic surgery project.

Meanwhile, Maria wants to be left alone to wallow following her prognosis, but she is encouraged by Donna to befriend another patient on the ward, and realises that she mustn’t push away those closest to her.

Later, when Penny makes a good impression on the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU), she assumes she’s going to be the Unit’s next protege, so is dismayed when she realises she has inadvertently secured her next rotation on Darwin, not AAU, by impressing Connie.

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