S11 E08

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S11 E8 (9 Dec 08) : Sweet Bitter Love by Mark Clompus

Episode Summary

Ric discovers that his patient, Michelle, is actually Leo’s girlfriend. Ric is determined to wean her off drugs as he failed to help Leo beat his addiction. He also discovers that Michelle has had Leo’s baby.

Meanwhile, as Sam’s son, Kieron, gets to know his father, Kieron’s relationship with Maria also blossoms. Elliot reveals that Kieron is, in fact, a famous violinist due to play in New York in the New Year, but he wants to give up everything to live in England. Sam wants him to stay, but not if it means him throwing away his career.

Elsewhere, Kyla spends her last day at Holby City, and is set to head to Rotterdam with son Max – until, that is, Abra turns up unexpectedly. Abra declares his love for Kyla and asks her to return to Ghana. Knowing that Max isn’t keen on her joining him in Holland, she decides to follow her heart and leave with Abra for Africa.

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