S12 E11

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S12 E11  (22 Dec 09) : Stand by Me by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

Linden and Holly prepare for a perfect Christmas at home together. However, when Holly makes an innocent mistake over a surprise present, memories of Linden’s past come flooding back to haunt him and completely destroy their plans.

When Father Thomas Logan, a priest and mentor, is brought in to Holby as a patient, Linden is forced to face up to the real problem that has been affecting his life for years – his guilt over his failure to save the life of his wife, Olivia. When he is able to come to terms with that, he and Holly will be able to start again.

Meanwhile, Donna reunites a dying mother with her daughter; Michael is busy discharging all his patients for the holiday; Daisha gets very cosy with Oliver before she leaves for the Philippines; and Chrissie announces that she is pregnant. Later that evening, everyone enjoys a karaoke singalong at Donna’s charity event in Albie’s bar.

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