S12 E13

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S12 E13 (5 Jan 10) : Talk to Me by Graham Mitchell

Episode Summary

Faye hopes that if she throws herself into her work, it will help her get over her grief for Archie. Being back in the hospital where Archie died, though, only intensifies her need for answers. Against Joseph’s advice, Faye finds a quiet place to talk to Lauren and asks her why she killed her son. Later, Lauren is brought into Holby as a patient…

Meanwhile, a chilled-out Ric returns to work after his suspension and Jac sees an opportunity to retain her consultant status and share his patient list. However, she unintentionally upsets him by undermining him in theatre, so he blocks her promotion.

Chrissie bumps into Sacha Levy, with whom she recently went on a date, and discovers that he is covering a shift at Holby. She is surprised to see him and tries to avoid him. But, when he asks to see her again, he realises that she is pregnant – and that the child is his.

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