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Cas Series

S12 E16

S12 E16 (20 Dec 97) : Facing Up by Jonathan Rich

Episode Summary

It is the day before Christmas and the staff are putting up Christmas decorations all over the department. Some work interviews are also taking place and Mark and Eve have both applied for the post. Eve is showing enthusiasm by arriving earlier to her shift, helping to put up the Christmas decorations and at the same time impressing Elliot. Elliot is suffering from flu and Sam and Sunny see their chance to try to make sure that no one else than Mark gets the post. They warn the people that have come to the interview that one of the interviewers has a sort of Tourette’s syndrome and will sneeze every time he gets annoyed. Later on when the interviews are being held, the people more or less freeze in the middle of their presentations as soon as Elliot sneezes, thinking that they no longer have any chances of getting the post. It soon is Eve’s turn and the interview is going pretty well and she even warms up a bit when explaining about the three years she spent in India, volunteering at a church hospital. Mark’s interview is going very well until they ask what he would do if a colleague’s mistake would lead to a patient’s death and Mark thinks they are referring to when he seven years ago was studying medicine and a mistake he made when thinking he knew more about medicine than he actually did and that lead to a patient dying.

When the interviews are over it is clear that the choice will be between Eve and Mark. Elliot, Charlie and Baz are disagreeing whether they should it affect that Mark told about being responsible for a patient’s death and the fact that he has not told about having been studying to become a doctor. Eventually they agree, even though Baz gives Charlie many icey looks, that they will not let it affect the decision, but still when Elliot later in the evening, at the Christmas party for the staff, announces who has got the post, it is Eve who gets it. Everyone, especially Tina and Sam, look shocked and for a while everyone is standing there all quiet, until Mark starts applauding and everyone soon joins. Mark tells George that he should in advance have told Charlie about the mistake he made in medical school and eventually Mark and George end up kissing each other. The relationship between Charlie and Baz, on the other hand, is not going that well. Baz is not talking to Charlie and does not even accpet a drink that Charlie offers her. Later on when Sunny, who is working as the DJ, puts on ‘I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas’ Elliot asks to revive an old tradition and asks Baz and Charlie to lead them into a slow dance. They are reluctantly dancing with each other and as soon as the music stops Baz stalks away.

Brian Harper is, together with his young son Liam, moving in with his girlfriend Roz Fenton. Liam is not happy and does not like his father’s girlfriend, so he soon leaves them on their own and goes outdoors to the garage where his rat Tyson is staying. After visiting Tyson Liam is planning to paint the car for his father’s wedding that soon is to take place, but the paint sets on fire and soon the whole garage is on fire, with Liam and Tyson hiding inside of the car. Roz and Brian soon start looking for Liam and notice the smoke coming from the garage. Brian goes inside to try to help Liam out, but instead trips over once inside the burning garage. Josh and Penny are the first ones to arrive and Josh saves Liam by driving the ambulance through the garage doors and dragging a crying Liam outside. He has burnt his hand, but soon they notice Brian lying on the floor of the garage and by the time the fire brigade get him outside his heart has stopped beating. He is brought into resus, but the team cannot save him. Roz is blaming Liam for killing his father and does not want to have anything with him to do, leaving Liam all on his own, especially since Liam’s mother died only a few years earlier. Liam realises that he is going to have to spend Christmas at a hospital ward, all on his own with no one coming to visit him, but Josh, who partly recognises himself as he also lost his family in a fire, promises that he will visit him in the Christmas days. In the evening, after his shift, Josh goes to visit Liam and has with him a new rat to replace Tyson that died in the fire and he promises to look after it until Liam gets out of hospital.

Jim Kane is a fifty-five-year-old man who is working as Santa in a store. He comes into A&E with back pains from a muscle strain. When Richard has checked that the spine is in condition Jim tells that the pain now has moved to his chest. They run some tests and find blood in his urine, but not much later Tina realises that he has cut himself to put blood into the sample and that the only problem he has is his back pains. The employer has told Jim that he will be replaced by a younger Santa if Jim gets any more trouble from his back and that is why he has been trying to come up with something else. Richard and Eve happily throw Jim out of the cubicle from wasting their time, but Eve also manages to get Jim to come to help at the children’s ward as Santa over Christmas.


– Jim Kane, 57-year-old man working as Santa, back pains from muscle strain

– Liam Harper, a boy who burns his hand in a fire in a garage

– Brian Harper, Liam’s father, dies of smoke poisoning in fire

First Scene/words

[Josh is walking into the basement of his house, trying to find a box with old Christmas decorations.]

Josh: Right, what’s what?

[He finds a Christmas card and starts reading it.]

Josh: Happiest times of ours lives…

Last Scene/words

[Jim Kane is at the children’s ward, dressed up as Santa, placing presents underneath the Christmas tree.]

Review by Karin.

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