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HC Past Series

S12 E20

S12 E20 (17 Feb 10) : Together Alone by Dan Sefton

Episode Summary

Michael finds Connie living a seemingly perfect life with a new job at a private hospital in London. However, it becomes clear to him that Connie has sacrificed the respect and camaraderie of Holby for a more cut-throat and money-centred approach. Michael begs her to return to Holby but she refuses. Later, Elliot also tries to convince her but Connie insists that she won’t return until Vanessa leaves.

Penny is finding her career all too much and then Scott asks her to start a new life with him in Spain. She jumps at the chance. Oliver interferes telling Scott to back off and Scott realises he can’t ask Penny to give up her career. He then leaves and Penny is distraught.

Meanwhile, it’s Toby Geddes’s first day as Consultant on Darwin. Elliot finds him annoying and is forced to perform a procedure he’s not sure about. The patient dies in theatre and Elliot walks out of Holby to travel to London to try to convince Connie to return.

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