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HC Past Series

S12 E37

S12 E37 (8 Jun 10) : Cross my Heart by Dana Fainaru

Episode Summary

Greg and Joseph are sent to retrieve a heart for a transplant. But once they arrive at the hospital it soon becomes apparent that all is not well. Greg questions the circumstances regarding the death of the transplant patient, jeopardising the entire procedure and his future at Holby.

When Elaine dies, Connie wants to make peace with Kevin but she’s convinced that he only wants revenge. Nevertheless, Kevin rescues her from being attacked by an ex-patient’s relative in her office, but Connie’s hopes of reconciliation are dashed by Kevin’s subsequent character assassination of her. For the first time in her life, Connie pulls herself out of an operation and turns to Greg for comfort.

Elsewhere, Faye informs Joseph that she is pregnant and that he is the father, not Linden, but Joseph reacts badly to the news, accusing Faye of just wanting financial support.

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