S12 E04

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s12e4S12 E4 (3 Nov 09) : The Professionals by Martha Hillier

Episode Summary

Elliot struggles to run Darwin without Connie and ends up pushing himself too hard.

Penny runs an ECG and discovers Elliot is suffering from angina. Joseph is appointed acting consultant in lieu of Connie while Vanessa appoints a new locum registrar – Thandie Abebe-Griffin.

It’s Archie’s funeral. A tiny ceremony is held, attended only by Joseph, Faye and Faye’s mother. Meanwhile, on receiving bad news about her divorce settlement, Judith struggles to stay professional on AAU (Acute Assessment Unit), fooling everyone, except Mark.

On Maria’s first day back, she struggles with Donna’s lax attitude to work, but it’s not until she upsets Donna that she is honest and tells her that, from now on, nursing comes first.

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