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HC Past Series

S13 E15

S13  E15 (25 Jan 11) : Don’t Go Changing by Nick Fisher

Episode Summary

Hanssen informs Mark that he has to lose a consultant from the rota – either Elliot or Ric. Feeling under the cosh, Mark is torn between doing what’s best for Holby and knowing it comes at a price of his friendships.

Elliot is desperate to pass his stress test so that Hanssen will have no reason to get rid of him. However, Elliot hands Hanssen and Mark the end of his career on a plate when he bends the rules yet again for a patient, betraying them both.

Kieran arrives at Holby, desperate to win back Donna. Donna is torn but, thinking of Mia, she shuts Kieran out for good, knowing that she cannot be drawn into a relationship while he is out in Afghanistan.

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