S13 E02

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S13 E2 (26 Oct 10) : The Short Straw by David Lawrence

Episode Summary

Michael basks in the luxury of Holby Care, leaving Penny in the lurch on the frontline on AAU. But with Hanssen arriving just in time to witness the mess, Michael realises he may have pushed his luck. Will Michael step up to be Penny’s knight in shining armour?

Connie is shocked to hear that Ric could be made redundant and wants to try to protect him from Hanssen. Connie struggles to fight the system and uncovers the financial realities the hospital is facing. With the odds stacked against her, will Connie find another solution to save Ric and beat Hanssen at his own game?

Elizabeth is sure she’ll be on the redundancy list. More nervous than ever in Hanssen’s presence, she is worried about making a mistake. With Ric’s help, Elizabeth may be able to swing things her way, but will it be enough to secure Hanssen’s good opinion and her job?

Notable Facts

* ‘Hustle’ by Tunng plays at the end of the episode.

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