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HC Past Series

S13 E20

S13  E20 (1 Mar 11) : No Credit, No Blame by Mark Cairns

Episode Summary

Jac has tried everything to get ahead, including lying, cheating and manipulating, but Elliot suggests she’s better off just being a team player. Jac takes his advice and helps Greg with one of his patients. But when the patient turns out to be a candidate for cutting-edge surgery, Jac reverts to her old tactics to lead the operation.

Donna has finally managed to see Kieran but his leg is in bad shape and, worse yet, he’s not giving her the time of day. Just when he’s finally warming up to her, his condition worsens, leaving Donna wondering if she’s strong enough to handle the casualties of war.

Oliver is one screw-up away from having to repeat his F2 year. So, when the discovery that he’s previously made another mistake comes back around to haunt him, he sinks lower than ever before, convincing Penny to take the blame. But with a formal inquiry looming, will he be caught in his own lie?

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