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HC Past Series

S13 E30

S13  E30 (10 May 11) : My Bad by Tahsin Guner

Episode Summary

Despite delivering a heroin addict’s baby in reception, Malick stilll has a lot to prove to Ric, who remains unimpressed. Being drawn in by his demanding and devious patient marks Malick’s downfall and, when she bleeds out, he is left to make a life-saving decision.

Drunk and disorderly, Greg feels let down by his team after his young patient dies. When Sahira steps in to try and reason with him, he declines her kindness and instead makes a serious error of judgement with a new patient.

When Dan makes a late-night booty call to Chrissie, she’s seriously unimpressed. When he proclaims it’s because things between them haven’t moved on fast enough, she is even more affronted, leaving Dan to pick up the pieces and make things up to her.

Notable Facts

Songs played in this episode are Barry White ‘Can’t Get Enough of Your Love’, Ray LaMontagne ‘Be Here Now’ and Barbara Bonney and Geoffrey Parsons ‘Ave Maria’

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