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Cas Series

S13 E04

S13 E4 (19 Sep 98) : The Ties That Bind by Andrew Rattenbury

Episode Summary

Tina tells Sam to let everyone know about her and Chloe’s house-warming. Sean hears and says he’ll try to come along later but isn’t sure whether he’ll be able to. Sunny offers to do the music at the party, and Tina eventually agrees. When Tina invites George, George is unsure about whether or not to go; she says she isn’t really in the mood because of Mark’s accident.

A woman carries a tray downstairs, and her brother, Brian Stevens, asks if she locked up. She tells him that “she” wouldn’t eat anything and says she wants to go home. He says she always ran away, even when they were kids. He asks her to stay until its finished. He takes the tray up and unlocks a door. A woman is in the corner of a dark room, handcuffed to the bed. She says, “I hate you.”Brian’s sister phones for a taxi for the station.

Marsha Calder complains to Charlie about the nurse he has booked. Charlie tells George that Duffy is coming back. George says that Mark will not be happy. Sunny overhears them and starts spreading the word that Mark has got the boot.

Charlie is trying to fix a drawer in his office. Eve comes in, takes the screwdriver and fixes it immediately. She asks when Duffy will be coming, and Charlie starts praising Duffy. Amy and Sunny overhear and he takes it as proof that Mark is getting the boot.

Another man (John Harper) is talking on his mobile and drinking at the same time. When he’s finished one conversation, the phone rings again. He walks out of the building, smoking and still on the phone. He denies that he is smoking to the person on the other end. He gets in the car, coughing.

George is on her way to see Mark. Max tells her to tell him that the board have approved the nurse practitioners scheme. She goes up to see him and tells him. She says that everyone is missing him. His sister Carmen arrives with Jade. She and George do not get on well.

John Harper stops at some traffic lights. He throws his cigarette end out of the window and it hits a biker. They argue, then the lights go to green and they set off.

A man, Derek, runs out of a cubicle, followed by Chloe who was trying to give him a tetanus jab. Charlie tries to stop the man. Duffy arrives and takes the needle. She tells him they can give it to him by the Kleinmann technique. Everyone except Charlie looks puzzled. Charlie agrees with Duffy and carries on talking to Derek. He takes the man’s hand and squeezes his finger hard while Duffy sticks the needle in his arm. The man doesn’t even know that he’s had an injection.

John Harper catches up with the biker and starts to chase him. Brian Stevens’ sister gets into the taxi. Harper is chasing the biker down the street. Brian Stevens sees his sister go and runs after her. Harper hits the bike, which swerves; the car also swerves and hits Brian Stevens before hitting a parked car. The biker is thrown into the air and lands on top of a parked car.

Mark tells george that he knows that what happened to him doesn’t change anyhting between them, but its been nice having her around as a friend. He asks her to ask Charlie to try to sort out a side room for him; his ward is very noisy at night and he doesn’t want to stay with his sisters. She tells him about the party and he orders her to go.

The paramedics have arrived at the scen of the RTA. John Harper is trying to starta his car. Josh and Penny carefully take off the biker’s helmet so they can put an airway down. A policeman tells Harper to stop trying to start his car, and then takes his keys off him when he carries on. The woman in Brian Stevens’ house is calling for someone to help her.

George asks Charlie to ask Adam about a side room for Mark. Sean tells Tina and chloe he can come to the party. Charlie asks Adam about a room for Mark; Adam says he must be joking. Charlie goes to tell Tina that Simon died. Sunny comes in and she tells him the party’s off. Sunny asks Charlie if it’s true that Mark has been kicked out. Charlie denies it.

Brian Stevens and the biker are brought into resus; John Harper is taken to a cubicle. Penny tells Josh about the party; he hasn’t been invited. He says it’s just for the young ones.

Brian Stevens is taken out of resus by Tina. As she passes the biker she sees his face and says htat hse knows him; his name is Simon Leyland. Harper is complaining; the police are waiting to breathalyse him. Tina yells at him. In resus, the team give up on Simon Leyland. Tina tells a policeman what she knows about Simon. His father is a police sergeant. Brian Stevens says he can’t stay. He tries to go but Tina and Duffy stop him.

George is trying to persuade Adam to find a side room for Mark. Charlie comes along and orders him to get one.Brian Stevens walks out of the department, then falls down some steps. Sunny hears him yell and gets help. Tina finds that Brian is missing. Sunny arrives and tells her where he is.

PC Garrett brings Frank Leyland in. He asks Amy if Sam, sunny, Tina and Chloe are on duty. Charlie tells Max he’ll tell Frank Leyland about Simon. They go to the relatives’ room and Charlie breaks the news. Frank Leyland can’t seem to take it in; he talks about other things.

Sam apologises to Tina. She tells him the party’s off. Sam tells Chloe what Tina is saying.

Another policeman talks to Frank Leyland. Frank asks about the breathalyser then goes to find the John Harper. They ask Chloe if they can see him and she agrees. Frank Leyland talks to Harper. Charlie comes in and tells them to go. PC Garrett says Chloe said it was OK. Frank Leyland hits Harper and breaks his nose. Frank Leyland goes to phone his wife. John Harper is breathalysed, then arrested as it is positive.

Duffy asks Josh and Penny to find Mrs. Stevens, and they agree. She gives them Brian’s keys. Penny and Josh arrive at the Stevens’ house, enter and go upstairs. They find her locked in the bedroom. THey approach her and unlock her. She is taken in to Holby A&E and into resus. there are needle marks on her arms. Josh tells Duffy about how she was locked up and handcuffed.

Chloe and Amy discuss the party and Tina. Tina hears and agrees to have the party that night. Amy says she invited Josh and Chloe complains, but Tina does not mind. Chloe invites PC Garrett. Tina and Chloe leave early. Charlie tells Chloe off for letting the police in to see John Harper, then says he’ll see her at the party. Chloe complains to Tina about her inviting Charlie and Eve.

In resus, Amber Stevens says that the baby has gone. However, she is still pregnant.

Frank Leyland apologises to Charlie for hitting Harper, but Charlie says he was only mad because Frank hit him before he could. They talk about being in this situation humdreds of times but always on the other side, not being the receivers of bad news.

They are doing an ultrasound of Amber Steven’s baby. She is on drugs and could not give up. They think Brian Stevens locked her up to try to make her give up. The baby is the surviving twin of the miscarried baby. Brian Stevens tells Duffy not to judge him, He tells her that Amber had a miscarriage a week ago, but they wanted the baby. He says it has happened three times before; the baby was always miscarried because of Amber’s drugs problem. When she lost this one he decided to stop her. Brian did not know that she was still pregnant.

Charlie is on the phone to Baz when Duffy comes in. He tells Duffy he had a sudden uncontrollable urge to check that Louis was OK. He is unsure about whether or not to go to the party, and Duffy tries to persuade him to go.As the staff are leaving on their way to the party, there is a phone call for Eve – “a rather sexy Scottish accent” according to Amy. Eve speaks to him and says she’ll see him later.

Eve goes to see Mark. He says he can’t sleep. Eve tells him that George has gone straight home. He says he can’t remember the accident; one minute he was rowing with George, the next he was in a hospital bed. Eve tells him george hardly left him when he was unconscious.Brian and Amber Stevens are holding hands as they are taken to different wards.

Duffy is dancing with Josh. PC Garrett is telling Chloe tall stories about his life in the police force. Tina talks to Sean. Eve is still at the hospital. She decides it is too late to go to the party.

The party gets stared and most of the staff are there. Josh complains about Sunny’s music. Later, Josh has fallen asleep. Penny, Sam and Sunny are laughing at him. Charlie tells Duffy that the party makes him feel old. Chloe starts kissing PC Garrett. Tina asks Sean to dance, then see Chloe take PC Garrett to her bedroom.


* Derek Walter – injured hand

*Simon Leyland – a police mans son driving a motorbike, involved in a crash with a car. A friend of Tina’s. He later dies.

*John Harper – involved in the crash with Simon, only has minor injuries and later a broken nose when Simon’s Dad punches him.

*Brian Stevens – also gets hit by John Harper when his car loses control.

*Amber Stevens – wife of Brian, malnourished and has a miscarriage scare.

First Scene/words

Tina: Sam, where are all the peak flow meters?

Sam: Err, Pass.

Tina: Listen, are you still coming to the housewarming?

Sam: You just try and stop me!

Tina: Yeah well spread the word.

Sam: One thing you don’t have to sell in this lot is a party…

Sean: Did I hear the word party?

Sam: Da-da!

First Scene/words

Tina: Sam, where are all the peak flow meters?

Sam: Err, Pass.

Tina: Listen, are you still coming to the housewarming?

Sam: You just try and stop me!

Tina: Yeah well spread the word.

Sam: One thing you don’t have to sell in this lot is a party…

Sean: Did I hear the word party?

Sam: Da-da!

Last Scene/words

[Chloe and Pat are kissing.]

Chloe: Let me show you the rest of the flat…

[They cross into an empty room and close the door behind them. Tina sees as she’s dancing with Sean.]

Review by Alison

Notable Facts

*This is Duffy’s first episode back in Series 13 as an agency nurse.

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