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HC Past Series

S13 E44

S13  E44 (16 Aug 11) : One of Those Days by Emma Goodwin & Patrick Homes

Episode Summary

Malick is frustrated by the lack of surgeries coming his way. Ric offers him a chance to assist on a kidney transplant but it clashes with a routine yet vital operation for another patient. Determined not to lose out on this golden opportunity, Malick has a dilemma between his career and his conscience.

Sacha connects with a professional snowboarder who is brought in with a head injury, but Eddi is concerned that he is too emotionally involved.

Elsewhere, can Hanssen keep the advances of a patient at bay and re-establish his dream-team dynamic with Sahira?

Notable Facts

Song played in this episode was Port O’Brien ‘Calm Me Down’

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Screencaps : S13 E44

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