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HC Past Series

14.23 Eastern Promise – 20/3/12

S14 E23 (20 Mar 12) : Eastern Promise by Joe Ainsworth

Episode Summary

When Elliot’s plan to send disused surgical equipment to the Ukraine becomes public knowledge, Elliot has to propose it as a hospital strategy.  Will he be able to get Hanssen and the board onside before the valuable machines are taken off to the dump, whilst also finding time to treat one of his long-standing patients?

Eddi is trying to keep an eye on Liam but is frustrated at his attitude.  When Liam lets her down she tells him to leave, but then finds help from the last person she’d expect, who offers to be Liam’s mentor.

Frieda has been tasked with mentoring Tara but is finding the constant stream of questioning difficult.  Distracted by the many duties Malick has offloaded onto her; it is only thanks to Tara’s diligence that a patient’s self-medication comes to light.

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