14.25 Throw in the Towel – 3/4/12

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S14 E25 (3 Apr 12) : Throw in the Towel by Sean Cook

Episode Summary

Sahira can’t believe it when Hanssen takes her off CTU but she is determined not to let him control her.   When Rafi confronts her about Greg, she is overwhelmed with the pressures being placed on both her professional and personal lives and begins to wonder if she can cope.

Malick has been working hard, preparing for the Clinical Skills interviews, but Dan thinks he has it all sewn up.   Is Dan’s confidence warranted, or will he have to resort to underhand tactics in order to secure his position?

It is Alex’s last day on AAU and Michael is surprised to find that he is sorry to see her go.  But when he discovers that she is writing a report on him for Hanssen, will they be able to part on good terms?

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