14.30 A Woman’s Work – 8/5/12

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S14 E30 (8 May 12) : A Woman’s Work by Justin Young

Episode Summary

Keller has a new consultant, Serena Campbell, and despite Malick’s warnings, Ric is convinced that he will be able to handle her.  When Ric and Serena clash over a patient’s care, will he be able to find a way to work with her?

Tara is keen to impress Jac and jumps at the chance to help her with a difficult patient.  When she ends up making matters worse, she is terrified of Jac’s wroth and has to go elsewhere for help.

Luc is back on the ward and Eddi is bemused by his nonchalant behaviour.  Determined to prove that she is as laid back about their kiss, she flirts with a patient’s brother, only to be accused of unprofessional behaviour.

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