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HC Past Series

14.38 Stepping Up to the Plate – 3/7/12

S14 E38 (3 Jul 12) : Stepping Up to the Plate by Julia Gilbert

Episode Summary

Chantelle wants to be taken more seriously as a nurse, and Ric encourages her to speak up more.  When faced with a serious ethical dilemma – which also sees the debut of Mr Thompson – Chantelle finally finds her voice, but has she gone too far?

Michael is furious that he is missing his son’s birthday because he’s been pulled into work at the last minute.  As he battles to pull a downbeat AAU team together,will he realise that sometimes his first commitment needs to be to his family, not the hospital.

Elliot’s exam results are in and overall he has achieved excellent results.  However, when his star student starts doubting herself, Elliot has to step up and give her the confidence she needs to keep studying.

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