14.07 See You on the Ice – 29/11/11

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S14 E7 (29 Nov 11) : See You on the Ice by Dana Fainaru

Episode Summary

Sahira confronts Hanssen about the administration and communication chaos that exists in their department, but Hanssen refuses to engage and keeps his distance. When a complex emergency trauma case comes in, Hanssen is forced to get involved but his cautious approach clashes with the risks that Sahira needs him to take. Can Sahira convince him to be the leader they need him to be before it’s too late?

Michael is doing his best to stay detached and serve his notice. But when Rose, a former breast implant patient, is admitted, Michael is forced to re-visit the repercussions of the plastics scandal. Rose has forgiven him but can Michael forgive himself?

Dan is pleased to see Chrissie after his conference trip, but soon has to face awkward questions about why Greg isn’t his best man. Dan’s behaviour becomes increasingly odd when he and Chrissie work with feisty patient Olivia who has fallen off her horse. Greg knows he is being side-lined because of the kiss he witnessed between Dan and Stephen. But will Dan have the guts to be honest with Chrissie?

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