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HC Past Series

14.08 The Hand That Bites – 6/12/11

S14 E8 (6 Dec 11) : The Hand That Bites by Lauren Klee

Episode Summary

Sahira is delighted when Hanssen invites her to a conference in Stockholm but soon realises she has to pull out when it clashes with her wedding anniversary. Hanssen seems to be okay with the change of plan but when a young patient Amy Reynolds is admitted with an intriguing case, Hanssen uses it as an opportunity to draw Sahira back in. But will Sahira allow herself to be manipulated?

Chrissie pretends all is fine with Dan but finds herself distracted in her practical exam. Deciding to work rather than spend the day off with him, Chrissie admires the courage of Becky Unwin, a surviving rape victim who appears to have been able to move on. But when Chrissie attends a bridal dress fitting and faces herself in the mirror, her doubts about Dan’s sexuality become overwhelming. Will she have the courage to deal with the situation before it’s too late?

Chantelle’s happy go lucky attitude reassures Andy Taylor, a nervous patient prior to his surgery. But when her driving test results force her to rethink her approach, her change of attitude puts Andy at risk. Can she revert to her true self in time to help him?

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