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HC Past Series

15.11 And We Banish Shade – 28/12/12

s15e11S15 E11 (28 Dec 12) : And We Banish Shade by Martha Hillier

Episode Summary

A Vegas-bound Ric swings by Holby and reveals he has a new job in the Pharma-industry. But, when his expertise is needed on an emergency patient, Ric is drawn in. Can he really leave the hospital behind, and with Imelda on his case, is it too late anyway?

As Jac finds herself embroiled in a family crisis, Jonny desperately wants to appeal to her better nature. Is Jac’s Christmas spirit sprouting or is it just the same old Naylor?

Ma Levy is in town and Chrissie is doing her best to stay sane amid the chaos of Luc’s cooking and Daniel’s piano playing, while Sacha tries his hardest to delay joining her.

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