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Cas Series

S15 E12

S15 E12 (18 Nov 00) : Starting Over by Katherine Smith

Episode Summary

Dr. Andrew Bower is standing outside Holby A&E when a car drives past him and crashes into a parked car. Andrew goes to help the driver out. Her name is Sara and she is drowsy after taking too many pills. Andrew carries her into A&E, and asks Chloe where resus is, introducing himself. Duffy sees him and asks him if he could have made more of an entrance. Charlie later comments to Duffy about Andrew’s entrance. She says she’d hoped he was just going to blend in. Charlie says it’s probably tougher on Andrew having to start work with an established team. Duffy, making an effort, asks Andrew if he wants to come to lunch with her, but Andrew says Chloe and Amy have already asked him.

Sara asks them to call her boyfriend Tim. She reveals she has overdosed on antidepressants after her he told her the relationship was over – they had been together for five years. Tim is with his new girlfriend Becky when he gets the phone call. He tells her he’s not going to see Sara but he changes his mind and goes to Holby A&E. Duffy has told Sara she’ll be fine as long as she goes through with the treatment, but Sara tells Tim that her liver is permanently damaged. She guilt-trips him into staying with her. Tim mentions to Duffy about Sara needing a liver transplant and Duffy tells him Sara will be fine. Tim mentions his new girlfriend and Duffy tells him he should be straight with Sara. Tim goes in and tells Sara she lied to him and they can’t start again. He tells Sara about Becky, his new girlfriend, who was a friend of theirs. Sara is upset and tells him to get out. He leaves. Later Chloe goes to check on Sara and finds she has gone.

Jamie Farrell is talking to his dad Paul at breakfast. His dad is due in court today and is likely to end up with six months in prison. Jamie looks up to his dad. He leaves, telling his parents he’s off to do his paper round. Instead, he meets up with some other teenage lads, ready to rob a warehouse. The gang make Jamie climb through a skylight and then let them in the door. They are grabbing the cigarettes when they hear a car outside. There’s no time for them to get out, so they wait for the driver, Trev Parr, to open the door, and then rush past him. He chases them to the fence, and they make Jamie climb up first. He is getting over the top when his trousers get stuck; the rest of the gang give him a shove and he falls headfirst to the ground. The rest of the gang turn round and head for Trev, pushing him to the ground and running off. Trev phones for the police and for an ambulance for himself. Josh and Finlay arrive and are examining Trev when the police find Jamie and call them to him.

Jamie and Trev are taken to Holby A&E, Trev objecting to being in the same ambulance as Jamie. The police call round at Jamie’s house to let his parents know. Jamie’s mum Vicky goes straight to Holby A&E to see Jamie, but Jamie wants his dad. He tells Vicky that she’s boring, but he looks up to Paul because he beat up two policemen. Vicky says that Paul was lying. She thinks Paul put Jamie up to robbing the warehouse. Paul turns up later. He tells Vicky that the court have put off the trial, given the circumstances. Jamie tells Paul he was stealing the cigarettes for him to sell in prison.

Jamie’s face needs stitching up by a max fax surgeon but there are none free. Andrew is concerned that the longer Jamie waits, the more his face will be scarred, and suggests to Max that he does it himself. Duffy asks if he’s sure, saying it’s a long time since his max fax stint, but Max agrees to it. Andrew is angry that Duffy undermined him. She says she was just thinking what’s best for Jamie Farrell. Andrew replies disbelievingly, “Course you were.”

Andrew stitches up Jamie’s face. Paul is waiting in the relatives room when Trev Parr, told by Spencer that he is in there, bursts in and starts having a go at him. Barney drags him out. Holly asks how Trev knew Paul was in there and Spencer confesses that he let it slip. Barney is angry and says that Spencer is a complete liability and that it’s a joke that he’s ever been let loose in a hospital. Chloe tells Spencer not to take it personally. She tells him the reason Barney is so against him, because he reminds him of his alcoholic father.

Jamie asks Paul if he really did beat up the policemen, and Paul confesses it was just a story. Jamie, disillusioned, starts to cry. The police come in to see Paul, and arrest him for not showing up in court. He asks Vicky to sort things out with Jamie, but she says he’ll have to do it himself. Charlie asks the police to give Paul a couple of minutes with Jamie, and they agree. Paul tells Jamie he’s been an awful dad. He says he wanted Jamie to think he was somebody, and to like him. Jamie says he does like him. Paul asks Vicky if she’ll come and visit him; she doesn’t know but Paul says he’ll see her when he gets out. He smiles at Jamie and leaves. Jamie tells his mum he didn’t touch the bloke at the warehouse and promises her he won’t do anything like that again.

Milly Soames lives alone apart from her cats. She sees the postman, Rahim Malik, coming with a letter for her and opens the door to speak to him. He gives her the letter and she says it’s from her younger sister Meg. Rahim complains about his wife, Aisha – they have just bought a new flat and his brother gave them some second-hand furniture but Aisha threw it out as she wants everything new, although they can’t afford it. Milly tells him one of her cats has had kittens. She asks him to fetch her some cat food for her and he agrees, and goes. An environmental health officer knocks on the door – there have been complaints about Milly’s cats. Milly answers it but closes it in the woman’s face when she sees who it is. She collapses on the floor.

Rahim returns later with Aisha and is worried when there is no answer. He breaks in at the back, finds Milly on the floor and calls an ambulance. Penny and Mel arrive but Milly refuses to go to hospital without her kittens, so they have to agree to let them come with her. She asks Rahim to look after the house, but just as the ambulance leaves, the environmental health officer returns with a warrant to enter the house. They go in and start to take the cats away. Rahim and Aisha go to visit Milly in hospital. She is persuaded to stay in for a few days for an operation. She is in the lift when she goes off. She is taken to resusc but the team are unable to resuscitate her. Chloe breaks the news to Rahim and Aisha, and gives them a piece of paper that was with the kittens. It is Milly’s will – she has left the house to Rahim. Rahim, looking at it, says it’s in Milly’s sister’s handwriting. Spencer says that Milly told him that her sister dies when she was only ten – Milly had been writing letters to herself just to bring Rahim to the house to alleviate her loneliness.

Duffy comes into the staff room to find Charlie with Louis. She tells him she feels guilty after arguing with Andrew. Charlie says they’re lucky to have Andrew in the department. He tells Duffy she could get the chance of working more closely with Andrew while he’s away. He tells her that Baz just phoned from Canada – it’s the middle of the night there but she couldn’t sleep because she’s missing Louis. Charlie says he’s going to use the last of his holiday entitlement to take Louis out to Baz. Duffy asks how he’ll cope without Louis. Charlie says it was only ever going to be a temporary thing, and he was dreading it, but now he doesn’t know what he’ll do without him. He says he hasn’t got any choice in the matter, though.

Andrew asks why Duffy doesn’t want him working there – he says she’s always complaining that she doesn’t see enough of him. Duffy says he knows that’s not what she meant. He says it’s never going to work if she spends all her time questioning his judgement. Duffy apologises. They are interrupted by Sara’s boyfriend Tim arriving back into A&E with Becky, who’s been badly injured. He says that Sara attacked her, and blames Duffy for telling him to be straight with her. Duffy is upset. Andrew gives her a Kit-Kat to cheer her up, saying she couldn’t get enough of them when he worked there last. He is saying he’s got a good feeling about this, when girl comes up to them and throws up at his feet. Duffy laughs.


– Sarah Duncan, a woman that has OD’d because her boyfriend has left her.

– Jamie Farrell, a 12-year-old boy that falls off a fence, getting a bad cut in his face.

– Mr Parr, a man that gets knocked down by some boys, hits his head slightly.

– Milly Soames, a woman in her 80’s, fractured right rib, arrests on the way to surgery and dies.

– Becky Taylor, a 28-year-old that comes into A&E after having been attacked by Sarah Duncan.

First Scene/words

[Andrew Bower is standing outside A&E, ready to start his first day back at Holby. A car comes into the car park and doesn’t stop – crashes into a parked car. Andrew runs to help Sarah Duncan, the woman in the car.]

Sarah Duncan: Help me.

Andrew: Are you hurt?

Sarah: I’ve taken pills. Too many I think.

Andrew: Okay, let’s get you inside.

Last Scene/words

[Duffy is standing in reception.]

Duffy: Mr Collins, please?

Andrew: Hello.

Duffy: How is Becky Taylor?

Andrew: She’ll live.

Duffy: I probably did interfere a bit…

Andrew: What choice did you have? Here… This will cheer you up.

[Andrew takes a Kit Kat out of his pocket and holds it in front of Duffy.]

Duffy: Andrew!

Andrew: You couldn’t get enough of those when I worked here before.

Duffy: Thank you. [smiles, putting a hand on his arm.]

Andrew: You know, I’ve got a pretty good feeling about this!

[A small child is brought into A&E by her mother…the child promptly throws up all over Andrew, leaving the other staff looking on in amusement.]

Notable Facts

This is Andrew’s first episode being played by Philip Bretherton.

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