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Cas Series

S15 E17

S15 E17 (23 Dec 00) : Merry Christmas Dr Spiller by Jeff Povey

Episode Summary

It’s a snowy Christmas in Holby. Holly and an unhappy Patrick attend a Christmas party before their shift.

Amy is looking forward to spending a quiet Christmas with her son and Chloe, however Chloe has other ideas when she ends up inviting Spencer, Charlie and Max along for dinner.

A festive Dan puts on Christmas music to lighten up the mood in reception, which doesn’t go down well.

Andrew is angry about Duffy’s pregnancy and refuses to discuss it. Meanwhile Duffy announces the news to Charlie, and asks him to keep it low profile, however Dan makes it public knowledge in a staff meeting, annoying Andrew further.

Bruce Allen wants to make it a special last Christmas for his teenage daughter, Katherine, who will die from a hole in the heart. He tells her that him and his new girlfriend, Avril, are expecting a baby. Katherine goes up in the attic to look at old photos of her late mother, Bruce comes to see if she’s alright, but falls down the stairs. At A&E, Katherine reveals to Avril, that she is worried she will be forgotten when she dies.

Moody patient, Robert Cox, is treated by Chloe for a sprained arm. He tells her that he is in a rush as he cuts down a tree each year with his son. But after he is seen, he waits in reception, where he gets talking to teenager Katherine. He reveals to Chloe that he had an argument with his son and they haven’t spoken in years – she persuades him to call his son.

Vicar James Hooper has an argument with his ex-convict brother, Chris, accusing him of theft and asks him to leave. But in the church, James collapses, and Chris calls 999. Penny and Mel arrive and discover he has terminal cancer, and his condition has worsened because of his failure to attend radiotherapy. The ambulance becomes stuck in the snow, and when James suffers a collapses lung, Penny is forced to operate with Max’s instructions via radio.

Holly and Patrick on their return to work, become stuck in the middle of nowhere when Patrick’s car breaks down. More trouble ensues, when Patrick falls and twists his ankle, and as the weather becomes worse, Patrick and Holly head to a barn for shelter. They cuddle together for warmth and Patrick admits the reason he dislikes Christmas, is because his mother died at Christmas when he was just 10. Holly returns to the shed, after getting a signal on her mobile down the road, and finds Patrick asleep. She kisses him and says ‘Merry Christmas Dr Spiller’.


* Robert Cox – sprained arm

* Bruce Allen – fractured ankle from falling down stairs.

* James Hooper – terminal cancer

First Scene/ words

Holly and Patrick attend a Christmas party – lots of laughing, but Patrick looks unamused;

Patrick : (to waiter) I ordered a bottle of wine!… half an hour ago

Holly : Glad you’re getting into the swing of things!

Patrick : I hate Christmas do’s – what’s the point when you’ve got to go to work straight afterwards?

Last Scene/ words

Holly enters barn;

Holly : You never guess what? I walked all the way down the road and got perfect reception on my mobile, so I told them about your ankle and they’re sending an ambulance (finds Patrick asleep) Patrick, Patrick! (he rustles, she looks relieved and kisses him) Merry Christmas Dr Spiller.

Notable Facts

* Windsor Davies plays Robert Cox

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