16.45 The Art of Losing – 19/8/14

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‘The Art of Losing’ : As word of Jac’s appointment spreads throughout the department Elliot manages to save face, that is, until he is told by the surgeon he will no longer be responsible for Herzig. Will he be able to forgive the very person he trusted with his life’s work throughout his illness?

Sacha and Essie are still in the honeymoon phase, something junior doctor Dominic is more than happy about as the registrar spreads his jubilant mood on the ward. However the speed of the relationship could lead to a stumbling block for Essie.

Fletch is keen to show Colette his management style is superior but the arrival of new nurse Kirsty to AAU does little to prove to the director that he is taking his new role seriously.

Written by Katie Douglas

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