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Cas Series

S17 E35

S17 E35 (10 May 03) : An Accident Waiting to Happen by Paul Cornell

Episode Summary

Jack is upset that Tony is not more grief-stricken at Eddie ’s funeral. As they are leaving the graveside, an argument erupts. But when Tony has trouble breathing, Jack’s concern leads them to finally make up their differences.

Simon behaves viciously towards staff and patients alike until Harry sends him home. He finally loses control of his temper when Colette breaks the news that her child will have learning difficulties and that he could be the carrier of the condition.

Lara and Luke are forced to acknowledge they may have been wrong about one another. Meanwhile, Roxy passes on the news to Lara and Dillon that Bex and Luke used to be married.

Three teens are out in a nightclub, Matt who’s playing live music and girl who’s looking after Sally. Girl treats Sally like a baby which Matt doesn’t do. Girl arrives back with the drinks to find Sally and Matt in a moshpit at he front of the audience. Sally decided to do a stage dive and gets carried half way through the building until she’s dropped and trampled on. Matt and Girl try to find her and eventually after Matt’s hand being crushed they clear a space around Sally and call an ambulance.

Anna is in the cubicles and tries to get Simon to have a look at Derek Moberly who had come in with a hand injury. Simon refuses to treat him and Harry send him to get a coffee and have a short break before coming back to start treating patients. Merlin and Anna bump into each other as Simon leaves and walk off in opposite directions ignoring each other. Harry confronts Merlin about his resignation and Merlin insists that he can’t talk about it and won’t withdraw it.

Colette goes back upstairs to talk to her consultant about her pregnancy. The consultant tells her that there is chromosome abnormalities present in the foetus and that either herself or Simon have the infected gene. Colette now has the trouble of telling Simon, who clearly doesn’t want anything to do with it, and trying to spare Josh’s feelings and pride.

Harry finds Anna in a cubicle having a go and Simon and takes her out to one side to talk. He only says that everyone is going to miss Merlin. Anna then realises what he means and goes outside crying. Nikki goes over to find out what’s the matter but when Anna tells her she thinks it’s a joke. After realising it’s true her and Luke get a shout and she has to leave Anna.

Luke and Nikki arrive at the shout to find Arnold Keyler lying on the floor. He insists that he doesn’t need them and needs to get out to see his family. Luke slowly persuades him that he has a broken hip and need to be admitted. After they bring him into the department Nikki goes off shift to Eddies funeral.

Bex and Luke have a small jokey fight in reception while Roxy is sorting out the next patient. As Luke leaves through he drops the bombshell that he and Bex were married and got divorced. Roxy is shocked but says nothing before getting the next patient.

Colette comes down stairs to find Simon in the staffroom. She confronts him about the chromosome disorder and he totally flips when she asks him to have a test to see if he is the one who is carrying it. He rampages around the room shouting and kicking the lockers saying that it’s not his baby and he wants nothing to do with it. He then goes back to the cubicles leaving Colette quite shaken in the staffroom.

Comfort and Fin arrive at the nightclub and take Sally her sister and Matt into A&E. Roxy take Matt to the cubicles after telling Dillon and Lara the gossip about Luke and Bex. Sally is passed over to Simon in resus. After having test results taken she starts fitting and Emma, her sister, is asked if she has taken ecstasy. She insists that she hasn’t but as it turns out she had and was supplying them to Matt as well. Matt is then bough into resusc with the same reaction that Sally had. They get the pills out from Sally’s bag and find the correct antidote to neutralise it.

Meanwhile, Eddies funeral has started and only Nikki, Jack and Tony have turned up. Then two unfamiliar faces come in late. After the funeral Jack goes to talk to them and finds out that Vinney and the other mane are ‘old mates’ of Eddies.

Arnold has returned from x-ray and Lara tells him that the Anaesthetist and surgeon may not want to operate. The reason being that he has had three heart attacks, a coronary bypass, a lung disease and diabetes they may not think it’s save. Arnold, however, is adamant that he will have surgery if it kills him. The anaesthetist comes down later on and refuses to operate which means Arnold will be on a ward having physiotherapy and will then be on crutches. When Luke finds out he calls Lara a selfish cow not realising that she did everything she could to get him into surgery. He later apologises to her and a definite spark can be seen between them.

Merlin goes round to Anna’s after his shift and asks her if she will go away with him where nobody knows them. Then they could be together and start a new life. Later on when Nikki gets back she finds Anna and Merlin in the bedroom and is shocked at there actions. Anna tries to explain herself and finally makes Nikki realise that she is just happy for them. As they hug and make up they hear the door slam, Merlin had herd everything they said and left.

First Scene/words

Matt: [walks off stage and kisses girl] Did you see them dancing up the front?

Emma: Babe you so got them going, that was wicked!

Matt: Yeah wicked

Emma: Yeah, but it was

Sally: God those lot at the back were so sad

Matt: I know Sal, but we’ll get them one at a time

Girl: Best babysitting ever

Sally: I’m not baby,

Emma: What can I get you Matt?

Matt: Pint please love

Sally: Vodka and orange

Emma: You’ll get the orange [wanders off towards the bar]

Screencaps : S17 E35


Derek Moberly, 25 came in with a hand injury after a fight, was stitched up and discharged.

Colin Thackery, 42 bought in by paramedics with partial thickness burns to the face.

Arnold Keyler, broke his hip and was bought in by paramedics, wasn’t operable and was sent to the ward to have physiotherapy

Sally Clarkson, 16 was trampled on in a night club and had taken ecstasy, was bough in by paramedics

Matt, had a broken hand and also took ecstasy.

Last Scene/words

[Anna runs down the stairs after Merlin but he has already gone.]

Review by Laura H.

Screencaps : S17 E35

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