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Cas Series

S18 E27

S18 E27 (6 Mar 04) : Love and Loathing by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Lara wakes up after spending the night at Simon’s. Tally is jealous when she spots Lara wearing one of his shirts at work, and after shift she is devastated when she sees them kissing.

Jim confronts Nikki about her pregnancy, she tells him she is going for a termination. Later in the shift, Jim leaves work early and heads for the clinic urging her to change her mind – she tells him it’s too late and goes inside.

Luke’s old football coach, Percy Miles is brought in, after being found collapsed in his car. He is faking unconsciousness and Abs becomes suspicious of his suspected suicide attempt after he admits to be abusing his grand daughter. He later overdoses on anti-depressants. The father of the abused child arrives and threatens to shock him with electric pads; Abs tells him that if he dies, Percy will get what he wants and won’t have to face his punishment.

Fin and Comfort are called to a block of flats where an obese woman, is suffering respiratory problems. They diagnose a pulmonary embolism and badly gangrene feet, but are unable to move her, with the flat’s lift being broken. Lara is called out to assist, but her condition deteriorates and she dies. Her husband is heartbroken.

A man, Derrick is brought in after suffering a panic attack when attempting to propose to his girlfriend of three months. When he finally plucks up the courage, she accepts but later admits to Roxy and Jim, it was a lie as he is her boss and hoped to use it to her advantage. She later leaves and Jim is forced to tell him the truth.

A woman, Sue, arrives after collapsing at the gym. Her sister, who is getting married, comes to visit and discovers she has attempting to lose weight fast for the wedding. But she is less than sympathetic.

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