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S18 E38 (30 May 04) : World Gone Wrong (Part 2) by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Fin and Comfort come to Nikki’s aid after her 30ft fall from a carpark roof. The emergency department is shocked when they find out Nikki has been badly injured. Harry puts all his effort into saving her and gets her into a stable condition.

The robbers flee in a stolen transit van with Lara still held hostage inside. The van crashes and Lara manages to escape with the help of one of the robbers who decides to give himself up.

Harry questions Abs about a patient on whom Simon had previously made a mistake. Abs confirms it was Simon’s error but Lara lies, saying it was hers. Abs is annoyed but Lara reminds him that Simon has covered for him and suggests he owes it to Simon to keep quiet.

Meanwhile, Charlie feels increasingly disillusioned with hospital procedures and systems. Josh pleads with him not to abandon his career. Charlie gets a call from Canada informing him that Baz’s homeless project in Toronto is in danger of losing funding. They need to employ someone with nursing experience to keep it going.

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