S18 E41

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S18 E41 (24 Jul 04) : And the Bride Wore Red by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

It is paramedic Nina’s first day on the job. But things start off badly when she ignores her partner Comfort’s instructions and drives dangerously. The friction between the two grows when Nina eyes up Fin.

Josh’s date with Caroline turns into a disaster when he forgets to turn the bathroom tap off and the ceiling collapses on them. Comfort and Nina arrive at the scene and Nina is rude to Josh before she realises he is her boss. Josh is upset when Caroline leaves and it’s obvious she will not be back.

Simon seeks professional help for his drug problem and Lara tries to persuade Harry to discard Simon’s resignation letter, but Harry is adamant that he is a liability. Lara tells him that if he does not give Simon another chance, she will report him for his self-prescribing.

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