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Cas Series

S19 E20

S19 E20 (15 Jan 05) : First Do No Harm by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Ellen and Abs discuss the arrival of her father Gustav the following day. She will be meeting him as he has finally tracked her down. Abs says she does not have to as her father is a monster.

Bex is busy organising Charlie’s 50th birthday and the theme is ‘Come dressed as you did when you were 18’. She is filling the reception with pictures of Charlie throughout the years.

Tess asks Comfort to apologise for how she treated Sam. Comfort refuses to and tells Tess she should admit that Sam has a problem. Tess fights back by asking Comfort what she is going to tell Josh about the baby.

Bex asks Claire when her brother, Pete, will be visiting Holby again and reminds Claire that she owes her a favour after the Luke incident. Claire tells her that he will be arriving later that day to deliver legal documents to Comfort – Bex looks happy.

Nina tells Ellen that she has had a call from Gustav and that he will be visiting Holby later that day. Ellen lies and tells her that Abs knows. Ellen meets Gustav outside the hospital. He is waiting for her as she leaves. Ellen makes dinner for Gustav and begs him to help her – he refuses.

After attending a physically demanding job Comfort experiences stomach pains – she tells Woody she is pregnant and he rushes her back to Holby. Harry and Tess examine Comfort and tell her the baby is alive but is still in a critical condition.

Bex spots Claire’s brother in reception and flirts with him. She invites him to Charlie’s 50th and he readily accepts the offer. Bex is annoyed as Comfort’s situation means that Woody does not want to go to Charlie’s birthday party. Later at Charlie’s birthday party Claire’s brother arrives in fancy dress and Bex makes a play for him – they share a passionate kiss.

Comfort’s condition worsens and Tess rushes her to Harry. Josh arrives at the hospital after Sam tells him Comforts’ news. Josh is angry at Tess for not telling him Comfort was pregnant. Tess tells Comfort the baby is dead and they both cry. Comfort blames herself, saying she killed the baby.

Nina tells Abs that Ellen is having dinner with Gustav now. Nina realises Abs did not know as he rushes out. Abs storms into the flat and drags Gustav off away from Ellen, saying he is dangerous. Gustav explains that Ellen is terrified of returning home as she will be thrown in jail. Gustav tells how Ellen stole money from his business partner and he then smuggled her out of the country and that if she returns she will be arrested. Abs explains to Gustav how Ellen had told him that he had abused her as a child, Ellen denies saying this but Nina confirms it. Ellen realises she has been caught out and Abs realises that he is the victim.


Clive, driver of a van full of logs that start taking off, twisted wrist

Paul, a young driver who gets hit by the logs. He appears to be okay, but suddenly he deteriorates and arrests. They realise he has shunt, which has prevented them from noticing the symptoms of a head injury.

Ronnie, gets a head injury from the logs and in need of brain surgery

Michelle, Ronnie’s wife, has got some cuts after getting trapped underneath the logs. She later admits to Woody that she had been fiddling with the straps on the van, because Ronnie had got fired from the company

Barry, feeling sick after having too much alchohol a couple of weeks before being meant to donate an organ to his brother

Comfort, who is 20 weeks pregnant, loses her baby

First Scene/words

[Ellen is running out of a cubicle]

Ellen: Receiver, receiver?

[Abs hands her one and she goes back into the cubicle, where the patient, Barry, vomits all over her]

Ellen: Still got the abdominal pains?

Barry: It’s worse.

Ellen: I’ll be back in a sec.

Last Scene/words

Abs: Nina, tell him.

Nina: Yeah, she did say you abused her.

Gustav: I thought you couldn’t hurt me anymore. This is the most evil thing you could do to me. She contacted, she wanted to meet, she wanted money to get out of the country.

Ellen: No.

Gustav: So I’m lying now? A minute ago they were lying! Everyone lies here expect you. For once, tell us all the truth, Elena! Please.

[Ellen does not say a word]

Abs: I knew he was right. You manipulative, devious, twisted…

Ellen: Abs, I can explain!

Abs: Look, I don’t wanna hear it!

Ellen: I, I was scared.

Abs: I can’t deal with this. I don’t know any of you.

[Abs storms out of the house]

UK Viewing FiguresNotable Facts

* Adam James plays Peter Guidlford.

* Serge Soric plays Gustav.

* Shirin Taylor plays Michelle

* Andrew Newton-Lee plays Paul.

Screencaps : S19 E20

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