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Cas Series

S19 E42

S19 E42 (9 Jul 05) : A Father’s Love by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Pete turns up at the hospital and attacks Bex outside. She is terrified and screams for help. Luke rushes over and punches Pete, knocking him to the ground. Pete is then admitted for treatment. He tries to talk to Claire but she tells him to leave her alone. Luke checks up on Bex. She tells him she is moving away as there are too many bad memories here. Pete tells Claire he needs to talk, he confesses that he did rape Bex and tells Claire he needs help. Later, Luke notices that Pete is missing. He goes to warn Bex but she is not at reception. Pete finds Bex walking in an empty corridor. He pins her up against the wall and threatens to destroy her, he says he has raped her and will do it again. A terrified Bex pushes him off and he falls down a flight of stairs. Luke and Charlie rush over, Luke tells Bex to leave.

Will makes breakfast for a mystery woman, he listens to his answer machine and hears he has a message from Harry, telling him Selena has been attacked. The woman on his balcony turns around – it is Ellen. Will rushes to the hospital to check on Selena. Harry sees him and asks why he did not come in earlier – Will lies that he was working and only just got the message. Harry tells him Selena was stabbed in the stomach and lost a lot of blood. Will visits Selena, afterwards Will tells him he wants to go for dinner with Harry and Selena to thank Harry for saving her life. Will implies that Selena and Will are back together. Harry is angry and says he knows that Will was lying about working – Harry called the station and they told him he had a night off. Will admits he was with a woman he had met in a bar but that he only wants Selena. He tells Harry it is over and there is no need to tell Selena about it. Ellen turns up at work, asking why Will has not answered her calls. Ellen says she has come to find out about a job. Harry checks on Selena. He tries to tell her that seeing her nearly die made him realise he had feelings for her. Selena begs him not to say anymore and he apologises, leaving her alone.

Jamie comes into the hospital and tells Maggie that he has left Stan alone in the house – he cannot concentrate on his studies and needs Maggie at home looking after him, Maggie despairs.

Rob Newley is treated by Guppy. He has a rash on his genitals that his girlfriend thinks is proof he has been cheating on her. It turns out that he is allergic to the washing powder she is using on her underwear. She is relieved but does not realise that he is cheating on her anyway!

The paramedics and Charlie are called to a block of flats where a woman, Stella, has head injuries. Her ex-husband, Stuart, and two sons claim a burglar broke in and attacked her with a hammer. When the police show disbelief because there are no signs of a break in, Stuart, attacks one of the policeman, Tom, and holds Josh and Charlie hostage inside the flat. When Josh is allowed out to get equipment, Charlie tries to talk to Stuart, making him see the situation is not helping and he eventually lets them treat the patients. At hospital, Stella’s sister also blames Stuart but under further investigation, one of the sons admit that his mum went out and then answered the door to the burglar, who did infact attack Stella whenshe came back.


* Stella Richins – hit on head with hammer.

* PC Tom Wales – attacked by Stuart. Piece of metal goes through chest.

* Rob Newley – rash on genitals.

First Scene/words

[Harry is sitting next to Selena’s bed, looking all worried. He gets up and holds her hand, when a nurse comes in to check her obs]

Harry: Called her husband last night? I’ll guess no.

[Harry leaves]

Last Scene/words

Pete: You’ve destroyed my life, so I’m going to destroy yours. Bex, I mean it.

Bex: HELP!

Pete: Everything’s that already happened between you and me, well, that’s just the start.

[Pete puts one of his hands on her mouth so she will not be able to shout and starts pulling her skirt, but Bex defends herself by pushing him off, down the fling on stairs. He lands with his head against the wall, staring in front of him, without moving]

Luke: Bex!

[Bex moves, like in slow motion. Luke sits down next to her, while Charlie bends over Pete]

Bex: I didn’t mean to! You saw him attacking me, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

Luke: It’s alright, it’s alright.

Charlie: He’s arrested.

Luke: You need to get out of here, okay?

Charlie: Peter, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me. Peter!

[In a panic Bex runs away]

Notable Facts

* Gary Mavers plays Will Manning.

* Daniel Hyde (Scott Anderson in Hollyoaks) guest stars as Rob Newley.

UK Viewing Figures:

Screencaps : S19 E42

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