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Cas Series

S19 E06

S19 E6 (9 Oct 04) : A Life Lost by Julie Dixon

Episode Summary

Comfort wakes and realises Fin has not been home. When she arrives at work she discovers no one has heard from him. By the end of her shift she is frantic with worry and decides to call the police.

When Luke goes to Kate’s house to check if she is ok, she tells him to go away. He gives her his phone number in case she needs to call him for help.

Selena is furious when Will turns up at work with a bunch of flowers. She bins them and tells him to leave her alone.

It is Sam’s first day on reception. He turns up late and spends the day chatting to the friend of a patient. When Tess reprimands him in front of Bex, he reveals that she is his mother.

Abs tries to talk to Nina about last week, but she is still annoyed and thinks that Ellen is manipulating him. Later Ellen tells Abs she will have to go home soon due to a lack of money. She breaks down, telling him she can’t go back to her father – he abuses her.

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