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Cas Series

S21 E37

S21 E37 (5 May 07) : Close Encounters by Sian Evans & Robin Mukherjee

Episode Summary

Nathan keeps pressuring Selena to have an abortion and Selena is so confused about what to do. That day, young mum Coleen arrives at the hospital with her two sons, Stan and Archie, after slipping on a toy at home. When the boys start misbehaving, Nathan has to look after them. Later, Nathan tells Selena that perhaps they could have a baby after all. But Selena’s made up her mind: she’s not having the baby.

When [ID 1347]Sam[/ID] fails to turn up for work a guilty Alice admits to Tess that she told Sam that Tess and Abs were seeing each other. Tess explodes with anger and informs Alice that this could have a devastating effect on Sam’s bi-polar condition. When Greg and Alice arrive at Sam’s to find that his bag and clothes gone but his medication left behind, a frantic Tess flees the hospital to find him.

Father Steve ends up at the hospital after crashing his car in a rage over his daughter Lucy’s boyfriend Matt. Just as Steve is rushed into Resus, Matt arrives at the hospital looking for Lucy and when Tess spots that his chin is bleeding badly, she stitches him up before sending him on his way. But, later, when Matt is rushed back in with a brain injury and dies, Steve makes a shock revelation that he hit Matt deliberately.

Josh is welcomed by his colleagues on his first shift back as a paramedic however Dixie feels that Josh is still acting like he’s in charge. Later Josh dresses up as ‘Doctor Proctor’ to scare regular patient, Gordon, with an invasive procedure so as to get him to leave.


* Steve Hainford – leg injury

* Matt Jeffries – dies from head injury.

* Coleen Coleman – falls down stairs.

Notable Facts

* Trying to persuade Selena to have an abortion, Nathan says ‘You’re not exactly earth mother and the last time I looked at a child, they cried for three days!’

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