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Cas Series

S21 E13

S21 E13 (9 Dec 06) : The Edge of Fear by Chris Boiling

Episode Summary

Selena is due to appear on television to speak to the Holby MP Stephen Gregory. Nathan tells her to ask the MP why the current Emergency Department should remain open when they could have a bigger, better ED at St James’s. However, his plan is foiled when Selena is quarantined when a patient called Martin is admitted to the hospital with radiation burns following a fire at his scrapyard and Harry takes her place on the show. Whilst Kelsey gives Martin’s wheelchair bound daughter, Megan, some hard truths.

During a panto rehearsal, a woman Nikki is injured when she falls from the stage. Josh falls out with Dixie over the treatment of Nikki and things get worse for him when a young girl’s protective mother, Laura, makes a complaint about him for dismissing anything being wrong with her child. Josh turns to Charlie for support but Charlie ignores him – he’s still angry because he believes that Josh hit Louis.

Elsewhere, Kelsey is still broke and avoiding her landlord’s phone calls. She tells Ben that she can set him up with Alice – but he’ll have to pay her £20 for the privilege. However, Sam intervenes when he finds out what’s going on, telling Alice that Ben is not good enough for her – but does he have feelings for Alice himself?


* Martin White – radiation burns, bleak outlook.

* Nikki – leg injury, eptopic pregnancy.

Notable Facts

* Joe McGann plays Mark White.

* Holly Aird plays Laura Merriman.

* George Costigan plays Stephen Gregory.

* Harry appears on the programme ‘Point West’.

* Ben asks Alice out, nervously she says ‘I’m washing my hair’. ‘You don’t know when it is!’ he replies. Getting increasingly nervous she says ‘I’m washing my hair every night!’

* When someone asks for a latte, Kelsey tells them ‘Our machine only does black or black with floaty bits’.

* ‘Thank You’ by Dido plays.

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Screencaps : S21 E13

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