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Cas Series

S24 E19

S24 E19 (2 Jan 10) :  A Day in A Life (Part Two) by Dana Fainaru

Episode Summary

‘A Day in A Life’ was broadcast as a single feature-length episode. This episode continues the story from S24 E18.

Following the car accident, Adam tries to focus as he fights feelings of claustrophobia while he, Jessica and the kids are trapped in the car on the frozen lake.

He manages to calm down but, when Harry cries and Jessica leans back to comfort him, the shift in weight causes the ice to crack and the passenger front side is submerged in water.

At the wedding reception, Zoe assumes Jessica has hung up on her and, alone with an unamused Jordan, she downs another glass of champagne. Jordan leaves but stops when he sees Zoe rushing out frantically after him and they rush to the hospital in preparation.

Ruth and Jay’s relationship, meanwhile, has taken a turn for the better but is it time for Ruth to get something off her chest which has been troubling her for some while?

Back at the hospital, the team battle under hopeless conditions to save the accident victims. As things go from bad to worse, Jordan is put in an impossible situation as he wonders whether he should help his desperate colleagues, despite knowing that he’s not allowed to practise.

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Screencaps : S24 E18/19

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