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Cas Series

S25 E27

S25 E27 (5 Mar 11) : Less Than Zero by Jeff Povey

Episode Summary

Nita has run away. Kirsty is out of her mind with worry and she’s not the only one, as Jay also has to face up to his problems.

Nita hitches a ride with a truck driver who is anxious to take her home. However, she has other ideas and, when they pull over at a burger van, she jumps out and into a parked car, claiming that she has been abducted.

The car driver, Allie, is also on the run. She and her brother Vincent, who has learning difficulties, are off to collect their mum before fleeing to Scarborough. The man Allie slept with last night and robbed this morning is on their tail.

But there is a shock in store when they arrive at Allie and Vincent’s mum’s house and, when Allie’s “boyfriend” comes knocking, they are trapped. Nita tries to escape from an upstairs window but plunges to the ground. Injured and in pain, she makes a call to her mum.

Meanwhile, Jay is feeling the stress of the cancer scare and receives an unwelcome visit from Maryam. He finally realises that, with everything he has going on in his life, she’ll need a carer from now on.

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