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Cas Series

S25 E36

S25 E36 (21 May 11) : A Quiet Life by Pete Hambly

Episode Summary

An administrative error sets the Emergency Department (ED) team at loggerheads and Mads doubts her decision to get engaged – with disastrous consequences.

A young patient with severe abdominal pains is brought into the ED but an administrative mix-up has fatal consequences when he is transferred to another hospital and the team battle to save him. Adam is furious with Tess for allowing bureaucracy to affect lives. Are they so browbeaten they’re unable to pull together in times of crises?

To Lenny’s dismay, Mads reveals that she’s engaged. The team go for a drink to celebrate but the tension between Lenny and Mads is palpable. It looks as if they are set to kiss, but Lenny pulls away at the last second and Mads runs off into a taxi. At first the taxi driver is pleasant but he soon becomes aggressive; has Mads’s impulsiveness placed her in danger?

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