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Cas Series

S26 E14

S26 E14 (26 Nov 11) : The Ties That Bind by Frank Rickarby

Episode Summary

Ruth makes a momentous decision about her medication and Dixie risks her life to save a patient.

Ruth’s surprise medical condition gives her cause to rethink her mental health medication. Jay feels she should come off the lithium for the sake of her health but Ruth is petrified that she may suffer a mental health relapse. But when Jordan also suggests that she come off the lithium, Ruth is furious with Jay for interfering. Can Ruth overcome her fear to make the right decision?

Meanwhile, Dixie is depressed following the events which led to the multiple shooting and Jeff tells her she must get her mojo back. But Dixie takes his advice a little too far when she risks her life to rush into a burning shed and save an old man. Injuring her arms in the process, will Dixie’s sacrifice have been worth it?

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