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Cas Series

26.02 Starting Out – 20/8/11

S26 E2 (20 Aug 11) : Starting Out by Tim Baker

Episode Summary

Two new nurses join the team as Scarlett and Lloyd start their first shift in the ED, while teaching assistant, Harry – played by Lee Mead – also comes unstuck in his new job.

Charlie launches into his spiel about the “importance of caring”, as he welcomes Scarlett and Lloyd to Holby ED. Lloyd is confident and gets off to a racing start – saving the life of his first patient in resus – but Scarlett is nervous and seems convinced that her skills lie more in flirting with consultants than in patient care.

Across town, Harry has also got first day nerves. He is immediately involved in an altercation with problem student Lee. When a more experienced teacher also gets it wrong and lashes out, Harry is forced to choose between the student and his colleague.

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