S26 E24

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S26 E24 (25 Feb 12) : Grand Canyon

An official complaint is made about Sam’s conduct and Linda rethinks her situation when her niece Britney runs away from her foster home, in Casualty.

Britney turns up at the ED after head-butting a girl at her foster home. When Linda tries to reason with her, Britney storms off. But she falls in with a bad lot of teenagers who try to teach Linda a lesson by texting her to say that they’ve kidnapped Britney.

At first Linda ignores it but when the teenagers turn nasty, she is mad with worry. The experience makes her realise she wants to care for her niece and nephew after all. But is it too late?

Meanwhile Sam is told to keep her head down by Jordan after a formal complaint is made to the GMC. But Sam is soon back to her feisty self when crossed by pompous parent and consultant Hugh Blakeney.

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