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Cas Series

26.25 Ricochet : How to Save a Life – 3/3/12

S26 E25 (3 Mar 12) : Ricochet : How to Save a Life by David Bowker

Episode Summary

In a Casualty first, a three-part special chronicles the unfolding events as a community and the Holby ED are caught up in a bitter gang rivalry in Ricochet.

In this first episode, 16-year-old Stevie is drawn into the Farmead Crew by his half-brother Kris, despite the positive influence of his beloved grandmother.

Forced to prove his loyalty to the gang, Stevie is persuaded by leader Anton to shoot at a rival drug dealer to warn him off their turf. But the shooting goes wrong and a small boy is caught in the crossfire. With Stevie violently punished by the gang for messing up, the gang members spill into the ED, attracting the attention of Superintendent Yvonne Rippon.

As Jordan and his team battle to save the young gun victim, Yvonne suspects gang-related violence and interrogates Stevie. Under the concerned eye of Lloyd, Stevie insists his injuries are accidental. But how long before he cracks and tells the truth…

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